“The Wonder of Couples Pleasure”

A special evening (for married women only) featuring a must-hear lecture plus coffee and cake. The evening opens the door to frank discussion about intimacy in a holy setting. Ayelet provides an introduction on the importance Judaism places on sexuality from a place of joy. This is followed by a fascinating lecture by Berry Levkowitz, a social sexologist. The professional lecture provides detailed information on female and male sexuality, differences and similarities, and how to revitalize one’s love life in a realm of sanctity.

The lecture also features instruction on accessories to enhance couples pleasure and provides answers to individual questions, as well as discounts on Love Line products.

Hundreds of women from all over the country have heard the lecture and their responses have been amazing. The lecture has changed many women’s attitudes to sexuality and powerfully enhanced their marital bond.

We will bring the lecture to your city, town, or community. Community councils and culture committees in small settlements, villages, towns, and cities, synagogues and organizations, and individual women are all invited to organize a meaningful evening for women. For more information and to schedule a lecture, fill out your contact information and we will get back to you shortly.

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    המלצות מנשים שהיו בהרצאות שלנו

    Dina Abramson

    עיתונאית ואשת יחסי ציבור

    Michal Mintzer

    bridal counselor and couples coach

    As a couples coach, bridal counselor, and sexuality counselor, I was very curious about the lecture entitled ‘The Wonders of Couples Pleasure.’ It turned out to be fascinating and enriching, suitable to every woman at every stage of life. The lecturer looks just like one of us: not an objectified, fantasy creature, not too young, not too old, conservatively but esthetically attired. Simple, easy-going, someone we can identify with, she speaks honestly about her path in life and teaches us to love ourselves and the female body and all its wonders. She is completely convincing in her sincerity and her sense of being on a mission is clearly communicated. I warmly recommend this lecture, both as a professional and as a woman. Run! And Ayelet’s shop and her goal of making it a space to empower the couples bond in a holy setting are well-known. She founded the shop right next to my husband’s Jewish bookstore, which was then located in Efrat’s commercial center, in spite of the raised eyebrows wondering how a women’s undergarment shop could neighbor a store of Jewish books and Judaica. Ayelet always said they went nicely together, because what happens in the marital bed is of as much sanctity as the Shabbat candlesticks and challah covers next door.

    Racheli Weinstock

    bridal counselor

    I’ve been doing this for 12 years. I’ve heard many talks on sexuality, but it’s been a long time since I heard a lecture as professional, important, and full of new information as Berry Levkowitz’s! As a bridal counselor, the whole topic of using accessories in marital relations had always put me off. But yesterday I realized how important it is for every woman – and especially a bridal counselor – to hear professional information on the topic. So, dear women, if another lecture is scheduled – do not miss it. And if there is no lecture soon, schedule a meeting with Ayelet Safra at the shop. Brides I counseled in the past – this goes for you too. You did not learn this from me. Many, many thanks to Ayelet Safra who speaks little but does lots.

    Efrat Gnatek

    school principal, makeup artist, and hairstylist

    A while back, I saw an ad for a mysterious lecture entitled ‘The Wonders of Couples Pleasure.’ Because Ayelet Safra was behind it, I knew I could trust that the content had been thoroughly vetted. I spread the word among my friends and, together, we set off for an evening out. We didn’t have high expectations, but to my delight and surprise the evening was professional and serious. Ayelet’s introduction based on Jewish ritual law was innovative, important, and calming, and Berry’s lecture was fascinating. As a young bride, my own bridal counselor mainly told me what was forbidden. This lecture opened the conversation to what it permitted and appropriate and gave me the knowledge to know my body and myself. Everything was surprising and refreshing. I was therefore thrilled to be able to bring the same lecture to my own living room to let other women, even my own daughters, learn all this wonderful stuff. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Yael Berman

    doula, childbirth coach, couples counselor, and healthful yoga instructor

    It took me a long time to understand that I was the abnormal one: that I grew up in a liberal household, that I was connected to my body, that I absorbed the message that sexuality is healthful and good and joyous – I didn’t get that these were not the norm. But the more I work with women and couples, the more I understand that what seemed to me simple knowledge is not self-evident, and that couples often struggle with concepts they learned in childhood that distance them from themselves. Therefore, a few years ago, I started looking for more tools to help women and couples and attended one of the first courses given at Yahel Center. Ayelet Safra, the owner of Efrat’s lovely SheNashi shop and a Yahel graduate herself, decided to make this important knowledge available in her shop and launched the Love Line. She and Berry together provide an evening no woman should miss. There is nothing superficial about this lecture, and I warmly recommend that every woman attend. The value of the information cannot be overestimated and it is presented sweetly, lovingly, and clearly.

    Bruriah Brettler

    life-change stylist

    I was invited to the unique ‘Wonders of Couples Pleasure’ lecture. I arrived there not knowing what I was getting myself into and with no particular expectations, but I was so stunned and surprised! The lecture is chockful of clear, direct contents, and explains everything simply and clearly so that every woman can understand how to enhance her sexual experience. It’s a lecture that tells women about themselves and clarifies for every woman where she stands in her marriage. Not only does this help women improve the sexual act and enhance the pleasure, but it also teaches women something new about themselves. You learn how to enliven, vary, and add so much to the couples experience. The lecture did me a world of good, and I therefore decided to host the lecture in my own home so that other women could learn about the joy possible. This knowledge must spread far and wide! Thank you Ayelet Safra and Berry Levkowitz: you are a beacon of light.


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