We at SheNashi are committed to utter and complete confidentiality. We understand the special
sensitivity of the products we sell and respect your privacy. Therefore, orders are discreetly packaged in
opaque wrappers with no identifying information. No one but you knows what the package contains.
You can have it delivered anywhere you choose – at home, at work, or elsewhere. No personal
information you submit when you place an order is ever submitted to a third party.


Delivery is free of charge when placing an order of NIS 300 or more.
For your convenience, we offer several delivery options as well as collection at the shop in Efrat.
Registered mail: The package will arrive at the post office nearest your home within 7 business days.
Cost: NIS 20.
Delivery to residence or workplace by courier service: Within 3 business days. Cost: NIS 40.
Delivery of underwear: Within 14 business days.

Important Information

SheNashi, founded about ten years ago, specializes in feminine and couples intimacy and has a great
deal of experience in this field. The shop sells brands of the highest quality and provides
uncompromising customer service in a professional atmosphere. The website contains detailed product
information and instructions. We are always happy to answer questions about any product.

Our brands

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