Ayelet Safra

Ayelet Safra, owner of the SheNashi brand, founded the business about ten years ago. Happily married, the mother of five, Ayelet holds a B.A. in Psychology from Bar-Ilan University, is a graduate of Puah Institute’s Jewish Home Instructors’ Course, and a graduate of Yahel Institute’s Human Sexuality Instructors’ Course. In the past, she worked in HR and spent time in the United States in the field of Jewish education. For the past decade, she has spearheaded a revolution in issues of femininity and intimacy in Gush Etzion, located in the Judean Hills.

Our Vision

Strengthening the family, enhancing joy, and empowering women
For a decade, SheNashi has been providing underwear for female empowerment and a safe, cozy, feminine haven.
The shop’s knowledgeable team has extensive experience with everything women need, from underwear (personal intimacy) to accessories for enhancing mutual pleasure (couples intimacy), at every stage of life – from a girl’s first bra to bridal-wear, pregnancy, birth, and lactation – and provides individualized professional service.
SheNashi’s Love Line represents the shop’s expertise with couples intimacy, featuring accessories for couples empowerment, desire, and love.
We are proud of our customer service, professionalism, reliability, quality, prices, and specials, as well as our attentiveness, understanding, and individually tailored answers.


The women at SheNashi are professionally trained, courteous, and customer service-oriented, and treat their work as a mission. The team members are full partners in the revolution.


“For me, SheNashi is all about female empowerment. Over the years, I have been blessed to meet girls, brides, young mothers, and grandmothers who have undergone a process of change and growth. The one-on-one meetings with customers have become close friendships.”


“I came here as a young newlywed about a week after getting married and was exposed to a whole world of feminine and couples intimacy. Since then, it has been my goal to welcome all brides who come here and support them as they begin their new lives.”


“For me, SheNashi is a second home and a warm family. The most moving experience for me in the shop is helping a mother and daughter in their first feminine experience, which affects the daughter’s feminine identity and the mother-daughter relationship.”

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