Pregnancy and nursing bras

Pregnant? Congratulations! So, when is it time to buy a nursing bra? Starting from the second week of pregnancy, you can already feel your body change, long before your baby bump appears. Yes, your breasts are getting bigger. You definitely need a new bra, but when is a good time to buy?

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As a general rule, it’s time for a new bra when your breasts are spilling out of the cup and/or, after you remove your bra, you see red indentations in your skin. For many women, that time is around week 23, when you have to squish your breasts into your stylish lingerie. So, from the sixth until the middle of the ninth month is an excellent time to buy a nursing bra. Alternately, you can wait till about two weeks after birth. The reason not to buy in the last two weeks of pregnancy and the first two weeks after giving birth is that, at this time, the breasts are engorged with milk. Your body is producing milk at maximal capacity so the infant won’t go hungry. It is only after you start nursing regularly that milk production stabilizes and matches your baby’s needs.
Nursing bra or regular bra?
Many women forced to give up their regular fancy bras during pregnancy can’t decide whether to get a nursing bra early or to get an interim regular bra. The doubt is mainly due to not knowing whether the cup size and band size are going to continue to expand before nursing begins and the possibility they will have to go out and buy yet more bras.
Some nursing bras actually have room for some growth not possible in regular bras. The design and structure of most nursing bras differ from regular bras, because they are built to support the extra weight resulting from changes in the breast. In other words, a good nursing bra can expand and contract based on changes in your body and is made precisely for this period of life. It is therefore preferable to a regular bra over the long term and for comfort’s sake.
It is also important to note that nursing bras differ from regular bras not only in that they have a flap that opens for easy nursing. A pregnant and nursing woman’s breasts are not only larger than usual, but also more sensitive. It is therefore important that the fabric on the inside of the cup is soft to minimize irritation.
What happens earlier in the pregnancy? You’ve barely gotten used to the idea that you’re pregnant, you haven’t even told your family, but your breasts are already changing, you’re uncomfortable, and your bra doesn’t fit properly. Your regular bras are useless, but you’re still not ready for a nursing bra. Now what?
The simplest and least expensive thing to do is to add a row of eyes to your current bras, thereby expanding the band and giving you instant relief. The drawback is that your bra will stretch, especially in the cups, and you will not be able to use it after pregnancy when you return to your original shape.
The convenient solution is to buy regular, non-nursing bras that fit you at this point of your pregnancy and then save them for future pregnancies.
The perfect – and economically sensible solution – is the Body Silk Seamless bra that will take you through the months of pregnancy and nursing.
The Body Silk Seamless nursing bra molds itself to the mother’s body, giving it a kind a comfort it has never experienced with any other bra, nursing or regular. The bra is fitted with a shaped, padded cup, giving you a seamless silhouette, beautiful shape, and outstanding support. The padding is removable. The delicate, soft, seamless fabric gives unparalleled comfort, yet is invisible under your clothing. This bra is ideal for every pregnancy and nursing stage as it delicately expands and contracts to provide long-lasting support for a changing shape.
Ayelet Safra, owner of SheNashi in Efrat – an undergarment shop specializing in intimate apparel for pregnancy and birth

What’s the connection between bridal counselors and SheNashi?

Not long ago, I was asked to address a group of women completing a bridal counseling course. Not surprisingly, there is a connection between bridal counselors and the women at SheNashi – counselors for intimate bridal apparel.

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Brides coming to us for a fitting want practical underwear suited to the bridal gowns on which they have spent much time and energy. They also want panties in different colors, as prescribed by Jewish ritual law.

The transition from underwear of a single woman to those of a married woman requires attention and emotional preparation. The transition from practical underwear to beautiful, feminine items in soft fabrics with lace and satin embellishments makes a statement. The bride is telling herself that she wants to invest in being a couple and intimacy in the home. She is telling her groom that he matters to her, that she wants to be beautiful just for the two of them (unlike the bridal gown, on display for all to see). When, for some reason, a bride is not well-prepared by a bridal counselor, she comes to the shop in a state of embarrassment and confusion. The SheNashi staff is there to ensure that brides have a positive experience, because we know that this moment may affect their future family life.

Positive reinforcement, normalizing the nervous tension, celebrating the joy, and recognizing the difficulty of the transition – we provide all of these. When a bride tries on a beautiful, feminine set of intimate apparel, she views her intimate body parts with love, the parts that will become significant in the new life she assumes as a married woman.

Dear bridal counselors: Yours meetings with brides should start a conversation not only about Jewish ritual law, but also about sexuality, body image, and sexual intimacy. Don’t concentrate solely on the law, but approach the bride with care and love and talk to her about sexuality and sexual intimacy. You may be the only person who will ever talk to her about this in her life. Tell her that sexual intimacy is a wonderful thing, that sexuality is a gift from God, that seducing one’s husband – just as the Jewish women in Egypt did – is a sacred act and that the mirrors they used to beautify themselves in preparation were then used to make the basin in which the priests purified themselves before entering the Holy Temple.

I have always said that our shop is much more than a clothing store. This mission is shared – we and you, dear bridal counselors, are partners in it.

With God’s help, the message will spread.

Ayelet Safra

What’s the connection between underwear and accessories for enhancing couples pleasure?
This is how it all started

SheNashi has existed for close to a decade. In this time, it has become a safe, cozy haven of feminine empowerment. We have been privileged to help women at every stage of life: teenagers, brides, pregnant women, nursing women, mothers, and grandmothers.

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It’s no secret that fitting intimate apparel is an intimate experience that forges close bonds. And because of the talks that developed in the dressing rooms, we learned of the difficulties many couples experience in their marital relations. Over the years, we referred women to professionals who helped them grow, and with time we decided to take another step ahead ourselves.

After seeking spiritual advice from the rabbis of Gush Etzion, the Puah Institute, and others, we decided to strengthen coupledom through selling accessories for couples empowerment. We consulted with the top experts about the products themselves to ensure that they are of the best and of the highest quality and will not, God forbid, harm one’s health.

Why now?

We were heartened to see that, within the national religious community, attitudes to sexuality are, slowly but surely, changing. We feel that we are ready and willing to promote and sanctify the intimate relations of married couples from a natural yet holy place. We have a fierce desire to grow love. Our vision is to enhance familial harmony, love, and true connection between couples. The verse in The Song of Songs reads “…awaken…stir up love until it please” (3:5). The verse thus calls on the women to stir up and awaken love between husband and wife at all times, at all stages, at all ages.

As a dear customer once said, “When it rains – it rains on everyone. Some of us are overjoyed and open our mouths to slake our thirst, others skip gaily from puddle to puddle, and still others ignore it altogether.” So, if you, too, want to dance in the rain, we are delighted to offer you SheNashi’s Love Line.

Healthful, high-quality, and happy accessories for couples empowerment, approved by both medical and religious experts: vibrators, oils, massage candles, and more.

The products await you here on the website and in the shop. Drop in anytime or schedule a private consultation. Discretion guaranteed.

Thank you, dear women, for making us your envoys for this crucial part of life.

So – stir up and awaken the love!

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